14 milmil 14

  • 14 mil mil 14

Data: 2007

14 MilMil 14 is defined by the extraordinary quality of its fibers (diameter 14 micron), which are pleasant to the touch and extremely comfortable. Those privileged to wear a suit made of 14 MilMil 14 from Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna will know they own a "vintage" and not a series-produced article, given that the quantity of wool available year to year is very limited (a few thousand kilos). The wools used for 14 MilMil 14, in fact, are the result of stringent selection amongst the best Australian growers of Superfina Merino wool. After decades of careful breed selection and controlled rearing, the best Australian growers now produce a fiber of "majestic" qualities that would once have been unthinkable. Sheep in these farms are reared, from an early age, on a special diet but always in contact with the natural environment.
Batches of wool from most prestigious Australian farms are selected and purchased at auctions in Australia between September and January. Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna carries out its wool selection using a number of quality criteria and not just fiber fineness, the most quoted value. The other basic parameters are:
- strength and length, which determine a fabric's tenacity and durability;
- cleanness and luster, lending light and vibrancy to colors;
- style, giving "character" or "spring" to a fabric, so that the suit will have impeccable drape and wearability.
But the most stringent assessment of batches to be purchased regards the uniformity of the selection parameters. Unlike other producers of fine woolen yarn, Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna does not mix wools with different characteristics. This is the only way to guarantee undisputable excellence of fabrics on an ongoing basis.
The tactile sensation and natural luster experienced with 14 MilMil 14 are superior to those of a cashmere fabric. The 14 micron fiber is of a fineness equal if not exceeding that of the best Chinese cashmere and is therefore just as soft. Further, the raw wools and fabrics in various stages of production at Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna are washed with water having a very low mineral content. This protects the fibers from damage, leaves no residues and enhances the softness and luster of the fibers. Selecting wools with maximum fiber strength and length means guaranteeing a fabric of formidable tenacity that retains its noble aspect season after season, however often it's worn. Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna rejects all wools that attain a given fineness by sacrificing the qualities required to make a high performance fabric. The "style" of a wool is assessed in terms of:
- the curliness or "crimp" of the individual flocks of wool: this must be very tight, well defined and uniform from the base to the tip of each flock;
- the elasticity of the fiber: this is manually assessed by experts and may vary hugely between two wools of the same fineness.
The style of a wool will be reflected in the style of the fabric and the suit, which will be soft and pleasing to the touch whilst maintaining impeccable hang, ironing and crease resistance

  • 14 milmil 14 suit of Su Misura collection AW 2008